SEO vs PPC: Which Is Best For Your Website

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SEO vs PPC: Which Is Best For Your Website

SEO vs PPC: Which Is Best For Your Website

There has always been a concern when choosing between SEO and PPC. To decide whether to go for SEO or PPC or to opt both for digital marketing has always been a matter of confusion.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website and Webpages to rank in search engine through organic results. Whereas PPC or pay per click is an advertising model essentially a way of buying visit to the website instead of earning organically.

The primary difference between SEO and PPC lies in the fact that the traffic pulled towards the website is bought or earned. Generation of traffic through SEO is a slow and free process which needs time and efforts whereas traffic from paid is fast but comes at a price.


Both SEO and PPC are a part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is done for marketing and branding. Let us discuss how you can distinguish between their working for your business:

  1. The product or service whose type is not known to customers and you are the first one to start such service or sell an innovative product you should opt PPC because it is likely that people do not search for such services or topic they do not know about. To get organic traffic we will have to target those topics for which people are searching for.
  2. Search engine ranking is more stable than PPC. This is because good link authority and high-quality content can retain its ranking, even if you don't do SEO for a month. Unlike PPC you do not have to monitor and optimise SEO regularly. Therefore, services or products you offer are offered by many other businesses as well then it is better to opt for SEO than PPC.
  3. If you are gearing up for any launch or have one time offer. SEO might not be the right choice to go for as SEO takes time to make an impact. PPC or influencer marketing can be the right strategy in promoting your event.




SEO and PPC go one behind the other. Both are complementary to each other. If both channels work well, so we leverage the two to maximize their effectiveness. You can choose the best PPC agency for implementation of PPC and a good SEO company for the implementation of SEO strategies to keep your business up in the race.

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