What Is Search Intent and How Does It Matter

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What Is Search Intent and How Does It Matter

What Is Search Intent and How Does It Matter

Search intent is the reason why a user conducted a specific search. Why is he searching? Is he searching because he has a question and want an answer to it? Is he searching for a specific website? Or is he searching because he wants to buy something? Once identified, it can be analysed to optimize a webpage or a piece of content better- end goals, think related queries, additional product focuses etc.

How Search Intent Matters

Best SEO company is one that knows its customers well. If you know who all are your users and what exactly they want, you can develop content & landing pages that better fulfil their needs. Understanding why exactly a user is looking for something will help you to create your content to answer their doubt as accurately as possible, branching out to cover relevant topics and queries as well, immediately so that users do not return to the search engine for further information on same topic.
If you wish to rank in google in 2020, you need the most relevant result for the query, that means making content that sets with search intent.
Relevance is the base for the success of SEO.

Types of Search Intent

Search intent can be classified into four types:

  • Informational Search Intent
  • Navigational Search Intent
  • Transactional Search Intent and;
  • Commercial Investigation


The user is searching information. This might be a reply to simple question like “Who is the president of the UK?” or something that requires an in-depth or longer answer like “how does the induction motor work?” Though all informational searches are not formulated as questions.
Some Informational Searches Examples:

  • Who is Edward Enninful?
  • Heathrow airport directions
  • Boris Johnson
  • HTML 5
  • Football scores


The user is searching for a specific website. User already knowns where he wants to go. Its just easier and quicker for them to Google it instead of typing the entire URL in the address bar. They might also not know the exact URL.
Some Navigational Searches Examples:

  • Twitter Login
  • Facebook
  • Beginners guide to SEO


The user wants to make a purchase and is in a buying mode. Most likely, he already knows what he wants to buy and is looking for a place to buy it from.
Some Transactional Searches Examples:

  • Buy Iphone11
  • Galaxy S20 cheap
  • Lastpass premium price

Commercial Investigation

The user is already in the market for a particular product or service but has not decided yet on which solution is right for them. They are most likely searching for comparisons and reviews and are still evaluating their options.
Some Transactional Searches Examples:

  • Top restaurant in London
  • Convert kit vs Mail Chimp
  • Best Laptop
  • Trafalgar reviews

Search intent is the integral part of SEO services and is perhaps the most important ranking factor. If you fail to give your users what they want your chances of ranking are slender to none.